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Daily Spin: Apple, Windows and the Enterprise

The Big Picture
Apple, Windows and the Enterprise

One day Microsoft is shamelessly scolding Apple for its security flaws, the next day Apple is releasing software to allow Microsoft Windows to run on Apple hardware.

Up is down, day is night. What's next: Bill Gates in a black mock turtleneck?

Today's news had the air of inevitability about it, even if it also came as a bit of a surprise. The two rivals have been increasing interoperability between their two computing environments in recent years, from Microsoft's increased investment in the Mac version of Microsoft Office to Apple's decision to build a Windows-compatible version of iTunes/iPod. And that's not to mention the Intel-based Apple hardware that has begun to make a splash.

The new Apple Boot Camp enables Mac hardware to run in a dual-boot arrangement: users can choose between an initial boot of Mac OS or Windows. It's not possible to "toggle" between the two OSs in real-time; users must choose one or the other and then re-boot to change environments.

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