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Credit Union Overcomes Insecurities

When data classification products trickled into the market over the last year or so, their main goal was to help manage storage by assigning value to data. (See De-Classifying Data Classification.)

But Terrence Griffin, VP of information services for Atlanta Postal Credit Union (APCU), is one among other early adopters of data classification software who is finding it also works for security and compliance purposes.

APCU uses FiLink's Compliance Protector Solution, an OEM version of Scentric's Desinty data classification application to fill several holes in the credit union's security policy. (See Scentric Gets Classified.)

"We put this document together called, 'Five Steps to Secure Data Information,'" he says. "We knew we had some holes in there. We didn't know where all our information was. The CTO came to me and said, 'Do you know if people are taking data out on hard drives of laptops?' We had policies against taking data out, but we didn't have tools to enforce compliance and keep the data safe."

APCU has about 150 internal users and keeps sensitive information about its more than 94,000 U.S. Postal workers and families who are members.

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