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Copan CTO Talks Up Future of MAID

Vendor looks to team up with Oracle, Sybase, and Microsoft
MAID specialist Copan is planning to bulk up its database archiving and records management strategies starting next year, according to CTO and founder Chris Santilli. (See Copan Gets New MAID and Copan Validates MAID.)

Copan is one of a number of vendors, including Nexsan, Fujitsu, and NEC, that are currently touting MAID as a way for users to reduce their storage costs by dynamically powering disks up and down in response to access demands. (See Nexsan SATABeast Roars , Fujitsu Adds NAS to Eternus, and NEC Intros D-Series.)

MAID systems typically use a small number of spinning disks that serve as a cache for a set of non-spinning, passive disks. (See Will New Head MAID Clean House?, Time Warner Cable Picks Copan, and Finisar Buys (and Saves) AIFOtec.) If a data request is not found in the cache, the appropriate passive disks are powered up.

In an interview with Byte and Switch today, Santilli urged users to see MAID as more than a means of saving power and disk space, explaining that Copan has its eye on adding to its value as as an archiving tool.

For starters, Copan will enter the the database archiving market full tilt. "We will give users direct access to the data," Santilli says, explaining that this will streamline the vendor's existing archiving strategy.

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