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Communicate to Innovate

These days, a successful IT staff must be as well-trained in communicating as in technology.

Sure, every business needs a technology-driven IT staff and the right hardware and software. But in addition to this, you also need the right business processes and workflows in place which is where communication comes in. A key HR application is unlikely to work if the IT manager and the HR manager remain strangers.

Contrary to popular opinion, the responsibility for getting the most out of your data center investment lies not just with the IT staff, but also with the managers in the business units that use the applications.

If your IT staff and business managers don't communicate effectively with each other, your applications and processes are likely to fail, causing interruption to your business. Make no mistake: Managing your infrastructure is key, but cross-silo communications is critical.

To improve communication between IT and other businesses, organizations should follow these guidelines:

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