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Capacity Planner Grabs More Cash

MonoSphere picked up $11 million in funding today, giving the startup more time to try and fill a hole left by storage resource management (SRM) applications. (See Monosphere Pockets $11M.)

A year ago MonoSphere morphed from a startup looking to attack the broad but slowly developing storage virtualization market to one with a laser focus on storage capacity planning. (See MonoSphere's Back in New 'Capacity'.) Capacity planning helps administrators determine how much storage they're using and forecast growth. Accurate forecasts help companies avoid buying too much or too little disk, and better utilize the storage they have.

Capacity planning is usually part of SRM or backup reporting applications, but MonoSphere CEO Ray Villeneuve says those larger applications have holes in their offerings.

"We decided to distance ourselves from first-generation SRM applications that were discovering and provisioning applications," he says. "We said, 'Let's zero in on the underutilization of the capital asset.'"

It's been slow going so far. Villeneuve says his company has less than 20 customers using the Storage Horizon capacity planning application it launched a year ago -- perhaps because in a perfect world, capacity management is a feature rather than a separate product.

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