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C2C Extends Search Capablities

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. -- C2C, the leading provider of email data management solutions, today announced the availability of its Archive Search Services which allows customers a range of open access points to massive amounts of archived email data to improve productivity.

Archive Search Services features include:

  • A Federated Search Provider, which allows enterprise search solutions, including Microsoft Search Server 2008, Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) and Internet Explorers ‘custom search providers,’ to pass search queries directly to Archive One and accept and display results returned from there, making it fast and easy to connect to archived email data;
  • A Search Connector, which allows search servers such as Microsoft Search Server and Windows Search access to the archive index in order for them to build index data within their own servers for the fastest corporate data searching for the users;
  • A Google Search plug-in for search access to the email archive from Google Desktop and Enterprise;
  • Support for the OpenSearch v1.1 standard which allows any application supporting this standard to gain access to the archive data.

“At C2C we have always understood that customers do not want islands of data, they want connected synergistic solutions,” said Dave Hunt, C2C CEO. “Our philosophy has always been to provide an open solution that is easy to integrate with existing applications. We committed to the federated data concept in 2006 and since then have provided multiple interfaces to search data in the archive. The availability of Archive Search Services enables our customers to choose the type of access to the archive data that best suits their needs, and will then provide their users a wealth of information at their fingertips.”

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