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On the Brink of Storage Disaster

Just how much control do you really have over your IT infrastructure? Pundits say plenty, as long as you see trouble before it happens. On Friday the 13th, we are taking a look at how storage managers can paint themselves into a corner.

What are the warning signs that you may be headed for the Storage Styx? Follow along with us as we examine the leading pitfalls that tempt the unwary.

Getting Too Close to the Cutting Edge

Do you really need all those bells and whistles? In some cases, the answer may be yes, but for the majority of firms the answer is a categorical no, according to Joe Martins, research director of analyst firm the Data Mobility Group. All too often, he warns, IT managers see the latest technology as a silver bullet.

The analyst recounts the tale of a major telecom company, which recently got its fingers burnt by paying big bucks for a supposedly state-of-the-art storage resource management (SRM) product. "The features that they were hoping it would deliver, it didn't deliver, and they found that they had other products already in house that handled things just fine," he explains. "They overbought and spent tens of thousands of dollars that they didn't need to."

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