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AT&T Pays Off Congressmen To Kill Municipal Networks

AT&T has been using its considerable checkbook to pay off Congressman to ban cities and towns from setting up their own broadband and wireless networks. The top two recipients of AT&T campaign donations in 2006 have proposed laws to ban or dramatically curtail municipal networks.
That's according to Russel Shaw's blog. Shaw dug into AT&T campaign donations, and found that the top recipient this year is Representative Pete Sessions (R-Texas), and number two is Senator John Ensign (R-Nevada).

Sessions has proposed a law that would outright ban municipal networks. At the heart of his so-called "Preserving Innovation in Telecom Act" is section two, titled, "Prohibition On Municipal Services." As the name implies, it would outlaw municipal networks.

Ensign's proposal isn't much better. It would put such serious roadblocks in front of municipal networks, that in essence, they would be banned.

AT&T is proving once again that it's trying to provide us with the best Congress its money can buy -- and hurt us all in the process.