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Arsenal Touts Rapid Restoral

Arsenal Digital is boasting a pair of data protection services that allow guaranteed recovery of failed data within 72 hours.

What's that, you say? It's not immediately retrievable? Before you hiss and moan, listen up: A short illustration may clarify.

Imagine, if you will, that you're a small business owner with a sizeable online operation. You don't have an on-staff IT specialist to perform backups, but you need reliable help. You fear human error, or your office is in a flood plain. So you enlist one of the growing roster of online backup firms.

Disaster strikes. You lose your server. You phone your backup provider. The fastest you can get your data back is overnight, you learn, via a DVD shipment with Fedex. You opt for that. Next day, the data arrives, thanks to the ability to Fedex to navigate flood waters. You attempt to install it, but find it's not that easy to do on a different computer, owing to format and interface constraints you didn't anticipate. You make more calls. A third-party technician who supports your service provider may be able to help, but he's tied up until next week.

Meanwhile, the amount of data you require can't be ported over the Internet, since there's simply too much of it. What's more, your remote connections may be out of commission.

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