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Archiving Moves Front and Center

A flurry of announcements this week highlights the crucial role of archiving in data management.

It's not surprising to see vendors pitching new wares in this space. Archiving, particularly of email, is now a crucial piece of any e-discovery plan. It's also de rigeur for storage managers looking to reduce the burden that saving all that unstructured data like email has on primary storage, particularly in the world of small- to medium-sized businesses.

So here's a recent rundown of recent news, in alpha order by vendor name:

  • C2C has enhanced its Archive One software with a Federated Search Connector, which combines search results from other applications with those of Archive One -- and posts the consolidated report in a Web page for e-discovery use. The enhanced Archive One works with searches conducted in Sharepoint, Microsoft Search Server, and Internet Explorer.

    "This gives customers a more consolidated view and lets them use one product where they'd otherwise need two or more," says analyst Eric Burgener of the Taneja Group. Other, larger vendors combine archiving, search, and e-discovery, but typically only via the purchase of multiple modules.

    Archive One also allows multiple email records to be tagged for automatic movement to various types of files, depending on the stage of e-discovery. Emails can also be put on legal hold, even if a single email is associated with multiple case files.

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