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Apple Refreshes Mac OS To 10.4.6

Apple Computer, Inc. updated its current Mac OS X Monday for the sixth time since 10.4, dubbed "Tiger," debuted a year ago. The new edition fixes multiple bugs, and one serious security flaw.

The 10.4.6 update, which is available for systems running the new Intel chips or the older PowerPC processors, fixes a bug in the Intel edition of Tiger that allowed intruders with physical access to bypass the firmware password and access "Single User Mode," which allows for installation or deletion of any program.

Apple's update, which includes over 30 stability or usability improvements to the OS, and Apple and third-party applications, makes sure Macs will shift to Daylight Savings Time when changes are implemented in 2007, addresses audio problems with USB-connected gear, and corrects a problem with camera-equipped iMacs during video chat sessions.

It also fixed an issue where the OS might freeze when trying to log in as a FileVault-protected user, and another that might prevent Macs from shutting down automatically.

The entire list of fixes to 10.4 can be found on Apple's Web site.

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