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Announcing The Return Of Network Computing

Network Computing, the magazine you once relied on for straightforward, informed insight into the ever-changing landscape of technology, has returned in digital form. Now, more than ever, you need a reliable source that shares knowledge and insight from your peers and helps you cut through the tangle of emerging technologies with focused explanations and enlightened opinions on today's pressing IT issues. And with the move from print to digital, getting that valuable insight has never been easier.

Going forward, we will focus an analyzing and assessing information technology, products, and standards via strategic and tactical articles, hands-on testing, and custom research. Our mission is to inform IT professionals of the current state of the art in IT technologies, standards, and best practices as well as provide real world context and practical analysis for IT purchases and implementation.

In this Issue:

  • WAN Optimization And App Delivery Go Virtual: You want max performance in virtual environments. We look at how WAN optimization appliances and app delivery controllers can deliver it.
  • Secure Switch: ConSentry's latest version of its NAC appliance is much improved, but there's still one hole left behind that you'll need to watch for.
  • Anti-Spam Star: Abaca's reputation technology slows spam to a crawl.
  • Open Standards Manifesto: One IT director's rallying cry for open standards development and conformance.