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Affordable IT: Web Servers

What's Available

There are two basic elements to a HA (high-availability) Web presence: multiple Web servers and the hardware/software to provide redundancy. Several free Web server packages are available, as well as low-cost alternatives that come with some technical support. If you and your remote site or department lack intimate familiarity with Web servers, the technical support option is a must.

Microsoft's IIS (Internet Information Services) is nominally free--if you buy a Windows operating system, you get IIS, too. Apache, available for free as a download, is included in every major distribution of Linux.

Special Issue:
Affordable IT

• Introduction

• Desktop Management

• Desktop Security

• Patch Management

• Protocol Analyzers
• Network Monitoring

• Network Configuration

• Storage

• Whiteboxes &
  Used Gear
• All-In-One Gateways
• Mobile & Wireless

• E-Mail
• Web Servers
• Load Balancers
• Remote Access Security

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