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2005: The B&S Report Card

Years end is a time when many people look forward to the future. But, navel-gazers that we are here at Byte and Switch, we have decided to take a look back over the trends of the last 12 months and see how they compare with the predictions we made a year ago. (See 2005 Top Ten: Trends to Watch.)

As you'll see, our record's a bit mixed -- we got some right and we missed others. But in the compliant spirit of Sarbanes-Oxley, we thought we'd hold ourselves publicly accountable. We're awarding ourselves a Thumbs Up for the calls we got right (or at least came darned close on), and a Thumbs Down for those where... well, we could have done better.

No. 10: Funding Still Flows

There is still no shortage of money flowing into storage and grid startups, but, as we predicted, the VC market in 2005 has not been as buoyant in 2004. After a slow start, things picked up later in the year, which ended with around 40 startups pulling in well over $500 million. (See Storage Startups Surge and More Alternative Funding.) Funding, however, was definitely spread more thinly than 2004, when 30 firms shared around $600 million in VC capital.

Figure 2:

Funding stories from 2005 include:

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