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2003 Top Ten: Most Popular Stories

Looking at the articles from 2003 that generated most interest on Byte and Switch makes it clear what our readers like most: Pain. Preferably, other people's pain. Our readers are keenly interested in layoffs, closings, and product failures. They especially enjoy it when Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) is involved.

Now, we don't think this means our readers are a bunch of sadists. No, we think it's a law of human nature that looking at someone else's misfortune takes the sting out of your own. In a year filled with industry bad news, it's no surprise that tales of woe ranked high.

Here's hoping the new year brings good news for everyone -- and just enough bad news to keep us grateful.

No. 10: Scale8 Flatlines

Scale8s folding generated lots of traffic -- maybe because its struggles hit close to home with a wide range of readers. Scale8 tried everything as it burned through $55 million: The distributed NAS startup switched gears from being a storage service provider (SSP) to selling distributed file system software to becoming a hardware-based NAS appliance vendor. Nothing worked, and the four-year-old company folded in June.

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