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CTIA Wrap-Up; Steve Jobs's iPad Emails

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MORE NEWS: Card Hacker Draws 20 Year Sentence

ANALYTIC REPORT: Tipping The Scales: 2010 Data Center Operational Trends

WHITEPAPER: 2 Alternative Enterprise Operating Systems Revealed

BLOG: Steve Jobs Revealing iPad Secrets Via Email

WEBCAST: Databases at Risk -- and HOWTO Address Them

RESOURCES: 2010 InformationWeek Government IT Innovators

InformationWeek Daily

 Monday, March 29, 2010 


"Every Action done in Company, ought to be with Some Sign of Respect, to those that are Present."
-- The Papers of George Washington, Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour 


CTIA: HTC EVO 4G And All The Toys

This year's annual mobile industry gathering saw more 4G phones, more handsets, and a little bit more focus on the enterprise. Our Full Nelson columnist dials in his take on the new gear and services.


Sprint HTC EVO 4G Boasts Video Muscle

Samsung Intros LTE Phone


Card Hacker Draws 20 Year Sentence

Prosecutors said the hacks into accounts held by customers of Barnes & Noble, OfficeMax, TJX, and other retailers resulted in more than $200 million in losses and damages.

Google Broadband Plan Stirs Hunger For Speed

The company's experimental fiber network plan has elicited almost 200,000 invitations from speed-starved Internet users.

Apple iBookstore More Relaxed About Explicit Content

Explicit content in Apple's iBookstore seems not to be the problem that it is in the App Store.

Transparency Caucus Supports Open Government

The bi-partisan caucus, formed in the House, will promote Americans' access to government information.

Qwest Seeks $350 Million For Rural Broadband

The telecom firm wants federal government funding to help finance broadband facilities in underserved rural communities.

Sybase Analytics Keeps SMS Moving

Combining Sybase IQ data warehousing with MicroStrategy dashboards, Operator Analytics 365 gauges telco network performance.

EMR Data Theft Booming

Fraud resulting from exposure of electronic medical records has risen from 3% in 2008 to 7% in 2009, a 112% increase, researcher says.

NASA Makes Mars Rover Smarter

AEGIS software autonomously analyzes images taken by the exploratory vehicle's wide-angle camera, speeding data collection.

Bada Bing: Microsoft In Search Comeback

Bing upgrades have Redmond on the road to recovery in search market while the competition stagnates.

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Tipping The Scales: 2010 Data Center Operational Trends

Fiscal discipline and business-focused IT delivery are guiding principles for today's data center professionals. Now the question is, how can those charged with physical operation add efficiency, manage virtualization up and down the stack, wisely adopt new technologies, and track every watt and bit of space -- all while feeling the heat?

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Featured Report

RoboNets: Application-Aware Networks Advance

Switch vendors have been plotting for years to sideline severs by making their devices application aware, with some envisioning a day when data centers are little more than a collection of virtual machines running on a giant switch.

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Featured Report


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2 Alternative Enterprise Operating Systems Revealed

Uncover the secrets to an effective mobile device strategy that will create more informed decisions, accelerated transactions, stronger customer and business partner relationships while providing timely onsite service.
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Faster Customer Response Times: The Secret Revealed

Discover an an integrated, Web-based sales reporting system that enables better decisions by quickly sensing changes in customer preferences and responding in real-time.
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Featured Blogger

Steve Jobs Revealing iPad Secrets Via Email

By Eric Zeman

More than ever, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is responding to customer emails. Perhaps the most exciting revelation is that the iPad -- and iPhone -- will gain a universal inbox. That will be a welcome upgrade. What other secrets has Jobs revealed?


Hewlett-Packard And UPS Collaborate On Breakthroughs

By Bob Evans

Hewlett-Packard's close relationship with UPS has led to two recent innovative breakthroughs that are very different in scale -- data-center cooling versus handheld devices -- but very similar in reducing waste and energy use while improving business results.

Ransomware Continues To Soar

By George Hulme

New analysis on the ransomware trend shows how cyber thieves are increasingly holding systems hostage in an attempt to extort users.

Does iPhone Get OS 3.2 On April 3, Too?

By Eric Zeman

The iPhone has not seen a significant operating system update in six months. Does Apple intend to offer iPhone OS 3.2 -- which is shipping on the iPad starting April 3 -- to the iPhone at the same time?

4 Thoughts From Cloud Connect 2010

By Vanessa Alvarez

Last week I attended Cloud Connect 2010, which covered a great number of topics around cloud computing. I walked away with lots to think about surrounding four major concepts: private clouds, specialized clouds, (lack of) standards, and the unresolved legal implications of cloud computing.


Databases at Risk -- and HOWTO Address Them

If your SAP, Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft or product design system were breached by cybercriminals with compromised superuser credentials -- would you know? Could you prove it to your auditors?

It happens March 25, 2010 @ 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET

More Information & Registration

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Now in its second year, InformationWeek's 2010 Government IT Innovators program will shine a spotlight on some of the most innovative government IT organizations -- at the federal, state, and local levels.

Nominate your agency by submitting an essay on your most innovative IT initiative completed within the past 12 months.

Deadline for Nominations: April 30, 2010.

InformationWeek Analytics 2010 Strategic Security Survey

Our 2010 Strategic Security Survey covers news-making issues and leading-edge technologies and strategies that make information security such a fascinating field. Completed entries will be eligible to win a 55-inch Bravia LCD TV.

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VIDEO: How Trusted Platform Modules Could Improve Cloud Security

Brian Berger, a director at the Trusted Computing Group, explains to editor-in-chief David Berlind how the TPMs that are already in millions of systems can be used to help secure cloud computing.

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