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Consolidating Federal Data Centers Could Take 10 Years

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TOP STORY: Consolidating Federal Data Centers Could Take 10 Years

MORE NEWS: Google Researching Real-Time Frustration Detection

ANALYTIC REPORT: Business Value of Reservationless Storage

WHITEPAPER: Thin Provisioning Explained

SLIDESHOW: Fuze Takes Meetings To iPad

VIDEO: The New Economics of IT in a Virtualized World

BLOG: Larry Ellison Hammers On Security

WEBCAST: When "Free" Isn't Always Affordable

RESOURCES: Please Take Our 2010 Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Survey

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


"Action will destroy your procrastination." --Og Mandino



Consolidating Federal Data Centers Could Take 10 Years

Analyst firm INPUT finds significant challenges to the government's ambitious plan to save money and increase efficiency and security through greater use of virtualization and cloud computing.


Fed Data Center Efforts Move To Execution Phase

InformationWeek 500: Government Innovators

26 Government IT Projects Under Evaluation


Google Researching Real-Time Frustration Detection

Having seen how users react when their searches fail, Google researchers foresee a time when computers can determine when users are banging their heads against walls.

Fuze Takes Meetings To iPad

There are several iPad apps that bring the device into business meetings, but Fuze lets the iPad serve as meeting host.

Global CIO: Is Larry Ellison Going Soft On HP And IBM?

Dropping his standard jabs and insults, Ellison's been downright sweet to HP and IBM lately. What the heck's going on here?

Oracle, HP Settle Hurd Lawsuit

Tech giants also pledge to continue joint initiatives around infrastructure products and services.

Oracle Releases 'Unbreakable' Linux Kernel

Competition with Red Hat heats up with a modified Linux that Oracle says is best for running its software on its hardware.

Gmail For Android Gains Priority Inbox

Google today announced an updated version of the Gmail application for its Android platform. The new version of Gmail adds several features, including Priority Inbox.

  Digital Issue  


For years, market leaders IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle have delivered
stability and a steady flow of new capabilities in exchange for hefty
license fees. But new database options, as well as concerns about
licensing and security, could shake the status quo.

Get all the details from our State of Database Technology Survey,
exclusively in our September 20th Digital issue.

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AT&T Intros Dual Cellular Satellite Smartphone

TerreStar Genus marketed as an everyday phone that's suitable for disaster recovery, first response, and public service workers.

Halo Reach Needs HDD For Co-op Play

"Hidden requirement" means gamers equipped with a lesser version of Xbox 360 may be disappointed, but Microsoft says it's working on a fix.

HP Updates Printer Line

Web, cloud and mobile-enabled printing capabilities headline a refresh of HP's printer, scanner and MFP offerings.

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Business Value of Reservationless Storage

Is your IT group grappling with the cost and complexity of storing data? If you're looking to achieve greater efficiency, consider reservationless storage services, which improves utilization rates while cutting operational expenses. This ESG paper discusses new technologies that enable just-in-time storage provisioning.

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Featured Report

InformationWeek 500 2010

This year's InformationWeek 500 companies are refocusing their IT efforts on innovation and growth, often after deep cuts during the downturn. Find all charts and stats on the top 500 IT organizations in the nation.

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Featured Report


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Thin Provisioning Explained

Exploding volumes of data that organizations need to manage are placing pressure on IT groups faced with budget constraints. Thin provisioning centralizes management and automates processes across a multi-node SAN to provide storage capacity for applications at the exact moment they need it.
Download Now

Research: 2010 State of Storage

In this report, we examine the winners and losers and share our recommendations for the top technology and process improvements enterprises should consider in the coming year.
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Fuze Takes Meetings To iPad

There are several iPad apps that bring the device into business meetings, but Fuze lets the iPad serve as meeting host.   View Now


19 Gadgets That Changed The World

IT Hall Of Shame, Part 2


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The New Economics of IT in a Virtualized World

Peter Hinssen, Managing Director, Across Group, describes how IT is evolving in the "New Normal" world of virtualization.   Watch


New Role of IT

Interacting with ASIMO




Featured BloggerLarry Ellison Hammers On Security

By Bob Evans

Introducing Oracle's new Exalogic Elastic Cloud machine, Larry Ellison opened his remarks by saying that cloud computing has many definitions, and he cited and as examples of profoundly different cloud approaches. And then he unloaded on for "commingling" customers' data and offering "a very weak security model."


Unlocking Intel's $50 CPU Upgrade Program

By Alexander Wolfe

Sometimes you can't win for losing. Intel is getting hammered by the Web-o-sphere for purportedly ripping off consumers by selling a $50 upgrade to unlock some hidden processor features, when the chip behemoth's main intent is to help its authorized system builders earn a little extra cash. Read on for a possibly deeper dive than you may be interested in.

Wanted: Business Outcomes For Enterprising Midmarket

By Michele Pepe-Warren

Just about 10 weeks into his stint as the new general manager of IBM's midmarket business, Andy Monshaw has a lot of data to compute. He's spent these past weeks working his way around the globe, talking to everybody from partners and clients to analysts and advisory boards. Now he's putting the pieces together.

Twitter Under Attack

By George Hulme

There's a cross-site site scripting flaw aggressively spreading across the social networking site Twitter. I know, I was hacked first thing this morning. . .

Virtual Desktops And Storage - Dealing With Boot Storms

By George Crump

Virtual desktop environments are different than virtual server environments when discussing performance. To the virtual desktop environment we need to be able to provide acceptable performance consistent, but moderate, performance throughout the day to a set of endpoints (desktops and laptops) that have similar I/O patterns. This is different than server virtualization which has highly random I/O patterns and needs very high performance at peak moments throughout the day.


When "Free" Isn't Always Affordable

Comparing Proprietary Business Rule Software with Open Source Alternatives Get the facts on open source. This webcast examines a recent comparative study between the WebSphere ILOG JRules business rule management system (BRMS) and JBoss Drools, an open source business rule management product.

It happens Wednesday, September 29, 2010 -- 11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET

More Information & Registration


Please Take Our 2010 Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Survey

This fall, the leaders of the public and private sectors will convene at Gov 2.0 Summit in Washington, D.C., to discuss government's critical challenges. Request an invitation to join this unparalleled group of influencers and help shape the future of health care delivery, cybersecurity, financial regulation, and education.

Survey ends Sept. 24

Virtual Event: Navigating The Boardroom -- The Growth Imperative

At the award-winning InformationWeek 500 Virtual Event, you'll have an opportunity to experience highlights from the live conference and exclusive content presented in a unique virtual environment that allows you to personally connect with C-level executives from leading global companies.

Speakers will discuss how they're delivering on the most critical business priorities of the day and meeting The Growth Imperative.

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It takes place Nov. 8-11, 2010, in Santa Clara, Calif.

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