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Jetico BCWipe Enterprise Removes Sensitive Data

Data encryption hides sensitive data from prying eyes. File wiping securely deletes what is left over.
The remaining system file, the memory swap file, can also contain sensitive information. BCWipe Enterprise includes swap file encryption which encrypts data written to the swap file and decrypts the data as it is read back. Virtual memory stored in swap files are not useful after a reboot, but the data persists on disk. By encrypting the swap file using a new key that is generated at boot time and doesn't persist between reboots, even if a computer is turned off without going through a proper shutdown, the data in swap is protected.  Since a new key is generated at each boot-up, data written to the swap file from a previous session is protected.  Jetico does recommend that you delete the swap file at least once before enabling swap encryption since only new data that is written to the swap file is encrypted, not the file itself.

BCWipe Enterprise can be customized to your needs by selecting from Rijndael, the basis of AES, Blowfish, Gost 28147-89, or TwoFish encryption algorithms. You can also select between multiple wiping schemes like one random pass, DoD 5200.28-STD, and Peter Gutmann as well as creating your own.

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