Revisit Our Most Popular Slideshows

Our top slideshows cover free online courses, hot programming languages for IT pros, surprising Wi-Fi killers, and the IT-related work of our national labs.

Revisit Our Most Popular Slideshows
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If you are like most members of the Network Computing community, you’re likely very busy and may not have the time to keep up with your reading. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a referral system that would automatically select the best articles you should read to stay abreast of the latest developments?

We have the next best thing to a personalized article referral system: A list of the articles most viewed by your peers in the last few months. In a way, by their viewing actions, your peers have selected the most important articles for you.

With that said, here are our most popular articles over the last few months:

10 Best Sites for Free Online IT Classes

For IT professionals looking to advance their careers or people who want to break into the IT field, there have never been so many options for free online education. There are numerous websites dedicated to online learning, plus coding bootcamps, traditional four-year universities and classes available through vendors. In this slideshow, we're featuring the top places to find free online IT classes, and we've linked to an example of the type of course available through each site.

View the slideshow here.

Hot Programming Languages for Infrastructure Pros

Programming languages aren't just for programmers. If you're a network engineer, systems administrator, storage manager or other infrastructure professional, knowing a programming language (or two or three) can come in handy. This slideshow takes a look at the top languages that experts frequently recommend for people who are -- or who would like to be -- infrastructure professionals. 

View the slideshow here.

Wi-Fi Killers That May Surprise You

Wi-Fi works in the unlicensed 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz frequency ranges. Many devices also transmit in these spectrums without expensive and complicated licensing requirements. So, interference is a fact of life under the current rules. This slideshow looks at several common interferers that you may not be aware of and should keep an eye on.

View the slideshow here.

Top Science & Technology Research Labs

Research labs often have formidable missions: Protect and ensure the integrity of the nation’s nuclear weapons, address energy challenges, and solve environmental problems. Often, the resulting research and development efforts have a trickle-down effect. The technology changes business and life as we know it. The Internet, software-defined networking, and network device interoperability all have their roots in research labs. In this slideshow, we look at the top research facilities and highlight their main contributions to science and technology.

View the slideshow here.

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