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IT Best Practices With ITIL

We give you the lowdown on the IT Infrastructure Library. This IT best-practices model is grabbing the attention of enterprises, especially those under regulatory pressures.
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  • Consultants and contractors with ITIL expertise, as well as nonprofit organizations like itSMF (IT Service Management Forum) and ITPI (Information Technology Process Institute), say the benefits of ITIL include lower IT operating, start-up and resource costs, fewer network and system errors, shorter MTTR (mean time to repair) and longer MTBF (mean time between failures).

    Taxing Taxonomy

    ITIL has a well-defined but complex taxonomy. This Workshop offers an overview of the ITIL framework--to serve business needs successfully and predictably, you must commit ample time and resources toward studying, implementing and maintaining ITIL.

    ITIL's best practices fall into seven groups: service support, service delivery, infrastructure management, planning to implement service management, application management, business perspective and security management. We'll delve deepest into service support and delivery--these offer the best way to begin understanding ITIL.

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