• 05/21/2014
    9:00 AM
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Infrastructure IT Salaries: Flat & Happy

When it comes to IT salary, keeping an even keel is OK, according to the results of InformationWeek's annual US Salary Survey for infrastructure pros.

If you're satisfied to have a stable job with benefits and a stable paycheck, then you're in the majority. Although we found salaries were essentially flat for both networking and datacenter professionals, employees in these fields share common positive attitudes about IT as a career path. 

We surveyed more than 11,000 IT pros this spring in InformationWeek's 2014 US IT Salary Survey. Of those respondents, 953 identified themselves as networking and datacenter management staff or managers. Scott M. Fulton III further analyzed the results in 2014 US IT Salary Survey: Networking.

Median total compensation for staff was $88,000 which was a $3,000 increase when compared to 2013. Management positions pulled in $104,000, just $1,000 more than the previous year.

IT professionals working in the datacenter made slightly more than their networking coworkers, at $90,000 to $87,000 for staff. When it came to managers the difference was greater, with total median compensation for datacenter management at $110,000, compared to $100,000 for networking.

Despite relatively little growth in salaries from year to year, 61% of staff members and 65% of management said they were either "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with all aspects of their jobs. And when asked what mattered most about their jobs, the most popular response, chosen by 48% of employees, was "job and company stability." The next most popular response was "benefits," followed by "base pay." Practical matters are clearly the priority here.

That's not to say that everyone is happy. In this year's survey, women in datacenter and networking management positions saw a drastic gender gap, earning $21,000 less per annum in base salary than their male counterparts. The news was not as bad for female staff members in our survey, for whom the pay gap for base salaries shrank to $4,000 per year, down from $10,000 last year. We'll delve into this more in a future story.

How do you feel about your salary and its potential for growth? Is it commensurate with our survey findings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Sounds Good

Survey shares a impressive and feel good in term of salary, but i must admit here, yes we have seen hike in salary but not that impressive as you guys in US. I guess my next step should be to serach for job in US and more than this for VISA. LoL

Re: Sounds Good

Aditya, I think in a lot of cases the small increases workers are seeing in their salaries are eaten up by hikes in healthcare, food, housing, etc. But really people are just glad to have a job and enjoy the stability that we are experiencing compared to the recession. I'm sure Americans are pretty well off when it comes to the global picture. I'd like to see us do a worldwide salary study that factored in costs of living in different areas.

Re: Sounds Good

Yes, I think stability is a huge factor for workers these days. The pay disparity for women in datacenter and networking management jobs is depressing, and unfortunately reflects the trend across all industries.

Re: Sounds Good

Worlwide study sounds good idea here, may be after this we can approach companies ..LoL. Will be more than happy to contribute or help towards the study.

Geographical location

Where were the respondents from in the US? If most of these respondents were from the east coast I would say these findings may be a bit skewed. I'm not so sure you can paint the US as one in regards to IT salaries. If you broke it down into time zones, as an example, I bet you will see pretty decent differences in salaries.

Re: Geographical location

Hi Paul -- The survey had some geographic breakdowns, per Chris Murphy's report for InformationWeek. He wrote that the survey showed companies on the West and East coasts paying the most. What trends have you seen?

Re: Geographical location

Thank you Marcia.. I must have missed that article somehow. That does do  good job of breaking things down and would be what I expected.

Re: Geographical location

I actually found the regional salary data a little surprising. We broke it down in the Networking and Datacenter Report by region. The charts in the appendix (chart 25) shows the highest salaries for managers are in the South Atlantic region, at 110k, compared to 103k for the Northeast and 97k for pacific. This rates base salary, so it may have to do with diffrences in bonus plans, etc, but I think it may have more to do with businesses trying to attract talent to their areas. 

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