• 10/25/2003
    1:30 AM
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ESG Oohs & Aahs Over Isilon

ESG Lab testing shows 'SAN-level performance' of Isilon's NAS server. For real?
Startup Isilon Systems, which this week launched a brand-new digital content storage and announced several big-name customers, now has something else in its corner (see Isilon Launches Media Storage System).

The Seattle-based company, funded to the tune of $25 million, has achieved what founder and CTO Sujal Patel calls validation” for Isilon IQ, its NAS system for digital content (see Isilon Is-a-Rich ).

This putative validation comes from Enterprise Storage Group Inc.'s ESG Lab, which has written a glowing report on Isilon IQ -- to be released next week -- based on its testing.

“We felt it was important to have a third-party analyst come in and prove all the things we were talking about when we made claims about our system,” Patel says. “Everyone’s a doubter until they see it for themselves. Now potential customers can get a sense that ESG validated our claims, so they must be true.”

The ESG report calls Isilon IQ impressive on several fronts. The analyst firm validated Isilon’s claims about installation, integration, management, scaleability, and performance, noting several highlights, which include:

  • It took less than 20 minutes to install, configure, and begin running a three-node Isilon IQ cluster;

  • The aggregate throughput of a three-node system was 700 Mbit/s with two Gigabit Ethernet connections and 1,270 Mbit/s with three GigE connections;
  • In an 18-node configuration, Isilon IQ reached 6.38 Gbit/s of throughput supporting 26 Tbytes of storage -- which ESG calls "arguably SAN-level performance"; and
  • Isilon’s OneFS file system showed no performance degradation with 10,000 50-Mbyte files and simulated fragmentation.

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