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Survey Reveals Risk

CHERTSEY, U.K. -- Research released today by Websense, Inc.
(NASDAQ:WBSN) has revealed that temporary workers across the UK are unwittingly exposing businesses of all sizes to information security breaches. In the Information Open Access survey of more than 100 temporary staff, the findings indicate that organisations may be unnecessarily putting their data at risk by granting temporary staff access to confidential information at the same levels as permanent employees.

The survey highlights that 87.7% of respondents were able to access documents from the company network drive, 52% had used a co-worker's e-mail account and 80.7% had unlimited access to the Internet from their work PC.
A worrying level of apathy amongst businesses toward basic data security processes is leaving them wide open to the risk of accidental or deliberate data breaches - only 21.1% of temporary workers had signed any type of PC or Web use policy

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