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Daily Spin: Building the New SOA Backbone

The Big Picture
Building the New SOA Backbone

For IT, services are the future. And as service oriented architectures mature and enterprise SOA deployments proliferate, it's becoming clear that the future is now.

Why applications as services? Businesses today operate in highly competitive environments that value velocity and agility above all attributes. Traditional application architectures -- even object-oriented forerunners like CORBA or Microsoft's DCOM -- simply do not fit those new business imperatives. In many IT shops, automation barely materializes because systems require constant human intervention and IT redevelopment.

SOA looks to be the answer to these problems. An effective SOA requires not only services, but also a means by which those services can be discovered and used, independent of the underlying infrastructure. It's not a product or specification, so you can't just go out and buy a turnkey SOA. Instead, you must strategically build out this architecture with a number of components, including an application server, middleware, a repository and even a centralized SOA management package -- all tied together by emerging Web Services standards

And SOA is no longer a pipe dream. Network Computing recently built a live, working SOA in our Real-World Labs and the number of enterprises willing to talk about the details of their SOA projects is growing (see: British American Tobacco - link to: , MedicAlert and Dreamworks .

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