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Phil Mogavero and Victor Kruse


Phil Mogavero, VP Advanced technology at PCM. Phil Mogavero is responsible for PCM’s HDC vision, strategy and execution in order to grow the revenue and associated PCM Services for PCM strategic HDC Partners; including Dell/EMC, among others. Mr. Mogavero has direct management for marketing, presales, delivery, certifications, customer success and vendor operations. He has been key behind the overall PCM success. Mr. Mogavero is an industry veteran with experience in leading-edge technology from building the first networks, intranet applications, managed services, and IoT solutions. He has served on numerous advisory boards for leading manufacturers and is able to articulate how strategic technology improves the efficiency and profitability of organizations.

Victor Kruse, Data Center Solutions Architect at PCM. Victor Kruse is a Data Center Solution Architect with over 20 years of experience in the Industry. Currently at PCM, Victor supports best-in-class solutions involving; On and Off Prem Cloud, Virtualization, Standardization, Orchestration, Automation, and Recovery.