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Long Live Infrastructure

Martin Casado explains in an Interop Las Vegas keynote that while infrastructure is going through a transitional phase, this changing of the guard offers exciting growth and a low barrier of entry for new companies and technologies. Read more about Casado's talk in The Rise Of The Infrastructure Developer.

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Wireless Gets Serious

Drew Lentz, chair of Interop's Wireless & Mobility Track, discusses the increasing demands placed on networks as the type of clients, number of clients, and functionality changes. He explains how pressures from the Internet of Things, location-based services, and expansive campus networks are prompting new investments in wireless networks and requiring careful consideration. Learn more about the Wireless & Mobility Track and register...

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Balancing Real-World Storage Needs

Greg Schulz, chair of Interop's Storage Track, talks about the perennial challenges of enterprise storage, how software abstraction fits in, managing legacy technology while unlocking the potential of new developments. Learn more about the Storage Track and register for Interop, May 2-6 in Las Vegas.

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Enterprise Networks Under Pressure

Tom Hollingsworth, co-chair of Interop's Networking Track, discusses the challenges facing enterprise networks as they adapt to constantly increasing demands, address the need for better network visibility and performance indicators, and transform from IT cost centers to the role of revenue generators. Learn more about the Networking Track and register for Interop, May 2-6 in Las Vegas.

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Time To Face Up To Collaboration

Eric Krapf, chair of Interop's Collaboration Track and GM of Enterprise Connect, discusses why you can’t put off focusing on collaborative technologies much longer, why multiple communication channels are essential for the modern workplace, and how new technologies can enable increased functionality. Learn more about the Collaboration Track and register for Interop, May 2-6 in Las Vegas.

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Becoming The IT Leader Of The Future

Dan Roberts, leader of Interop's IT Leadership Summit and CEO and President of Ouellette & Associates Consulting, discusses how to be successful in a world of increased complexity, rising expectations, and accelerating change. Find out how and why you can move away from the tired idea of "aligning business with IT" toward a place where IT is integral to your business and driving new initiatives forward. Interop has a full slate of content...

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