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Anonymous U.S. Case Expands | Secret CIO: Taken For Granted?

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  Thursday, May 3, 2012
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Between The Lines Columnist CIOs: Don't Get Taken For Granted
By John McGreavy
If your IT organization is seen as executing each new strategic initiative seamlessly, the job can't really be all that difficult, right?

How To Lose Your Best IT Employees
2012 IT Salary Survey: 12 Career Insights

Anonymous, LulzSec Case In U.S. Expanded By Feds
Expanded indictment against Anonymous, LulzSec leaders now includes Jeremy Hammond, accused of masterminding hacktivist attacks against Arizona police and Stratfor websites.

RIM CEO Heins Impresses The BlackBerry Faithful
Research In Motion's new CEO Thorsten Heins connected with BlackBerry World attendees in a way RIM's former CEOs never did. He also acknowledged the seriousness of RIM's current plight.

Microsoft Kills 'Confusing' Windows Live Brand
With the arrival of Windows 8, Microsoft will simplify its cloud services nomenclature.

9 Health IT Tools Patients Should Understand
To be actively involved in your own medical care, you need to understand the basics about electronic medical records, health information exchanges, and more. Check out our primer.

EU Court Says Computer Functions Not Copyrightable
Ruling reaffirms the right to reverse engineer software and could enhance a Google appeal if Oracle prevails in its Java copyright claim.

How Many Storage Vendors Should You Have?
It's usually easier to solve cross-vendor management issues than to find one company that meets all your data protection needs.

Nokia Patent Lawsuits: Convenient Google Attack?
Finnish phone maker claims HTC Android devices violate Nokia mobile hardware and software patents, but gives HTC's Windows Phone lineup a pass.

I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past. -- Thomas Jefferson


How Many Storage Vendors Should You Have?
Nokia Patent Lawsuits: Convenient Google Attack?
Research: 2012 IT Salary Survey: Executives
Working Smarter with Analytics
VMware's New Bid To Simplify Desktop Virtualization
B2B Integration on the Cloud
InformationWeek IPv6 Survey

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Posted By Sandman366:
"This is the end result of carriers taking forever to futz with Android. Nobody gets it anytime soon unless they get custom ROMs."
In reply to: "Android 4.0 Installed On Just 4.9% Of Devices"
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Posted By HornbackisCIA:
"For all we know, a FBI or NSA agent made those threats, simply to justify destroying people's methods of being secure, and speaking freely and securely."
In reply to: "FBI Seizes Anonymizing Email Service Server"
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Research: 2012 IT Salary Survey: Executives
Salaries for most of the 1,097 IT executives we surveyed are lower than they were in the previous two years: Median total compensation for CTOs fell to $129,000 from $140,000 in 2011. The exception? Those holding the chief information officer title got a $4,000 bump.
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Strategy: Storage Virtualization Guide
Virtualized pools of storage can increase disk utilization, give storage administrators more flexibility, and improve disasterrecovery and business continuity. From thin provisioning to replication to federation, virtualization options can make your storage more supple and responsive-and free you from vendor lock-in. Our guide tells you how.
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Working Smarter with Analytics
The key to working smarter is having the right information and insight to drive smarter business outcomes. Download this white paper to learn how your front line business leaders should be locating new revenue opportunities, and which product or service offerings are most likely to address the market requirement.
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How to Achieve Success with Cloud Computing
This video explains how to deliver business success with the private cloud and reviews a step by step approach to achieving a fully functional private cloud. This approach highlights the benefits on your day-to-day data center operations as well as your organization’s business goals. Learn how to think creatively about private cloud technology and how to leverage it to propel your business and career forward.
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VMware's New Bid To Simplify Desktop Virtualization
VMware Wednesday launched VMware View 5.1, desktop virtualization technology designed to ease storage requirements and management chores; new vCenter management tools speed desktop provisioning.

The Big Data Challenge: Social Data Meets Corporate Data
With the rise of social media sites, companies are getting hit with a blizzard of unstructured data, and must now find cost-effective ways to integrate and analyze the collective pool of big data to generate granular business insights.

Android 4.0 Installed On Just 4.9% Of Devices
Six months after debuting, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has been installed on a small percentage of Android devices overall. Most devices still use the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS.

10 Massive Security Breaches
They make the news on a regular basis: incidents in which a company or government agency's security is breached, leading to a loss of information, personal records, or other data. There are many ways to measure the size or cost of a security breach. Some result in the loss of millions of data records, some affect millions of people, and some wind up costing the affected businesses a lot of money. Not to mention, the questions of you calculate the value of personal medical information vs. credit card numbers. Here are ten security breaches of epic scale, plus one "bonus" incident that ranks among the boneheaded moves of all time.

Samsung Galaxy Note: A Phone And Tablet In One
The Galaxy Note from Samsung, available in the U.S. only from AT&T, breaks new ground. It's not just a large phone with a big, beautiful screen like the Droid Razr. It adds a stylus that makes annotation and new application types possible.


Amazon's 7 Cloud Promises: Hype Vs. Reality
Amazon says cloud computing is an indispensable enabler of seven important computing transformations. We hype-test the promises with a few reality checks.   View Now

Google Drive: 10 Alternatives To See
Oracle Vs. Google: Tour The Evidence


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Steve Felice, president and chief commercial officer of Dell, tells us about customers' main priorities, which include creating a simpler, more agile, more scalable architecture.   Watch

M2M: Wireless Technology is Revolutionizing Transportation
Sponsored Content: E2 Interview: Datacenters Enabling Business Transformation



B2B Integration on the Cloud
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InformationWeek IPv6 Survey
InformationWeek is conducting a survey to get a baseline look at where enterprises stand on their IPv6 deployments, with a focus on problem areas, including security, training, budget, and readiness. Upon completion of our survey, you will be eligible to enter a drawing to receive an 16-GB Apple iPad.
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Virtual Event: Enterprise Mobility: New Devices, Applications, Platforms, And Priorities
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