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5 Ways Google+ Naming Fails | Anonymous: Hacktivists or Hypocrites?

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
  Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Between The Lines ColumnistAnonymous Hackers Are Hypocrites, Not Hacktivists
By Robert Strohmeyer
An amorphous group of hackers has proven its ability to breach, torment, and embarrass. But as its dance with BART shows, its larger ambitions ring hollow.

BART Braces For More Attacks From Anonymous
Anonymous Threats To Kill Facebook: Another Hoax?

5 Reasons Google+'s Name Policy Fails
Google should rethink its policy and empower users rather than restrict them.

Ford And Toyota Team Up To Speed Development
In a bold collaboration, the carmakers will compete on what customers see but cooperate on back-end data and telematics standards.

Hacked Medical Device Sparks Congressional Inquiry
Legislators demand answers after a security researcher remotely controlled his own insulin pump using a $20 radio frequency transmitter at Black Hat.

Apple: Stop Tracking iOS Users By Device IDs
Documentation changes to the iOS 5 beta tell developers to track users via their own applications, not the serial number associated with each device.

Windows Phone 7 Mango Ready To Ship
Microsoft says it’s now up to handset makers to get the update into public’s hands.

Google Releases TV SDK
Android developers can write apps for Google TV in advance of updated hardware expected this year.

SmartDraw Brings Meetings To Life
Software vendor aims to replace PowerPoint slides with visuals that communicate relationships and associations.

Almost every wise saying has an opposite one, no less wise, to balance it. -- George Santayana


Google Releases TV SDK
SmartDraw Brings Meetings To Life
Virtually Protected: Key Steps To Safeguarding Your VM Disk Files
Tips to Improve Service Quality and IT Operations
HP's Happy Talk: Enough Already
Leap-Frog The Limitations of SOA
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Posted By drmattnd:
"I can't figure out why heavy users of social networks think that this buys them some sort of vote or weigh-in on how the owners of said social network set their policies."
In reply to: 5 Reasons Google+'s Name Policy Fails
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Posted By JBEEBE972:
"The hypocrisy astounds me every time I see another tale of anonymous. Attacking an innocent third party because you don't like something that an organization or individual has done is the height of cowardice."
In reply to: Anonymous Hackers Are Hypocrites, Not Hacktivists
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HP's Happy Talk: Enough Already
The next two to five years will be difficult for HP, as it tries to transform itself into a consulting and high-end services business like IBM.

The New, New HP: Infrastructure In, Consumers Out
Will HP, the Leo Apotheker version, really be able to out-IBM Big Blue?

HP's Latest Fiasco: The Vanishing $99 TouchPad
HP killed the TouchPad and other WebOS devices, but they were available for $99 at various retailers. Unfortunately some buyers rushed to snap them up, but were shut out.

Johns Hopkins Execs: How To Make Medicine Smarter
CIO and chief medical information officer share lessons learned on electronic health records, embedded intelligence, risk reduction, and personalized medicine.

McAfee Blew Shady RAT Analysis, Kaspersky Says
Security expert Eugene Kaspersky dismissed the seriousness of the Shady RAT botnet and suggested McAfee was purposefully alarmist in its report.



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PageLines Makes Wordpress Creation Drag And Drop Easy


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