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Welcome To The New Network Computing
Network Computing, CommentaryVideo
Find out why Network Computing is the place where IT infrastructure professionals gather to interact, share, and connect with their peers.
By Network Computing ,
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Why Client-Side Encryption Is Critical For Cloud Privacy
Rick Harvey, CTO, LockboxCommentary
The only way to ensure privacy in the cloud era is to shift to a model in which the cloud customer controls encryption keys, not the cloud provider.
By Rick Harvey CTO, Lockbox,
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Managing Real-Time Applications On The Network
Tony Kontzer, News
A policy-driven approach is key to making sure video and audio traffic doesn't clog up your network and affect performance of mission-critical apps.
By Tony Kontzer ,
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Communications Disrupting Your Network? Get a Grip at Enterprise Connect
Marty Parker, Commentary
The advent of real-time communications, especially combined with mobile devices and the cloud, can take a toll on your network performance. Learn how to manage it all at the Enterprise Connect conference.
By Marty Parker ,
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Behind The Scenes Building The InteropNet
Network Computing, News
Network engineers are busy preparing the network infrastructure for the multi-vendor InteropNet that will support the upcoming Interop conference. Preview the action in our video.
By Network Computing ,
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Free Software: A Privilege, Not A Right
Howard Marks, Network Computing BloggerCommentary
Free online services can be great, but companies that operate on the freemium model aren't obligated to keep offering free software.
By Howard Marks Network Computing Blogger,
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Best of Interop Product Awards Open
Susan Fogarty, Editor in ChiefCommentary
The Best of Interop 2014 product awards are open for nominations. Be sure to spread the word to vendors of your favorite products.
By Susan Fogarty Editor in Chief,
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Big Data Analytics And Why Datacenter Infrastructure Matters
Bill Kleyman, National Director of Strategy & Innovation, MTM TechnologiesCommentary
As the amount of data generated continues to skyrocket, organizations will increasingly rely on data management systems, underscoring the importance of the datacenter.
By Bill Kleyman National Director of Strategy & Innovation, MTM Technologies,
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Secure Networks: How To Develop An Information Security Policy
Natalie Timms, Commentary
A security policy is the foundation of a secure network, but it must balance security with business needs. Here are some guidelines for successful security policy development.
By Natalie Timms ,
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Shadow IT Reality Check: Survey Shows IT Pros Are The Worst Offenders
Wendy Schuchart, News
When it comes to unauthorized SaaS applications, IT professionals are some of the most prolific users, according to a recent survey.
By Wendy Schuchart ,
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Cloud Growth Drives Need For Unified Datacenter Monitoring
Frank Ohlhorst, Commentary
Today's complex, cloud-enabled datacenter requires network monitoring tools that provide a comprehensive view of traffic.
By Frank Ohlhorst ,
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6 Information Security New Year's Resolutions
Michele Chubirka, Security Professional; Host, Commentary
2013 was another rough year for information security pros. Let's resolve to make some changes to improve security in 2014, starting with increased data encryption.
By Michele Chubirka Security Professional; Host, "Healthy Paranoia" Podcast,
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How E-discovery Tools Can Help With Information Governance
Antonio Rega, Commentary
Common e-discovery technologies can help an organization enforce information governance policies. Here are three scenarios.
By Antonio Rega ,
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The Real Reason IT Security Fails
Michele Chubirka, Security Professional; Host, Commentary
Humans are the weak link in security, but blaming them for clicking on links or opening phishing emails overlooks basic human nature.
By Michele Chubirka Security Professional; Host, "Healthy Paranoia" Podcast,
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IBM Invention Uses SDN For Business Continuity
Tony Kontzer, News
Big Blue teams with Marist College to develop software that speeds relocation of voice and data services in the event of a natural disaster.
By Tony Kontzer ,
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CommVault Tackles The Dark Data Problem
David Hill, Network Computing BloggerCommentary
CommVault expands its Simpana platform with software that promises to help enterprises get a handle on unused and unnecessary data.
By David Hill Network Computing Blogger,
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Amazon WorkSpaces Speeds The PC's Demise
Kurt Marko, Contributing EditorCommentary
The company's new desktop virtualization service could prove a gateway to a post-PC, mobile, and cloud-centric future.
By Kurt Marko Contributing Editor,
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Extreme Networks X770 Switch Targets Big Data
Tony Kontzer, News
Analyst says new switch's low latency and high throughput support big data efforts. The X770 also promises to boost data center consolidation initiatives.
By Tony Kontzer ,
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Cisco Certification: 5 Tips For Success
Akinsulire Adebisi, Instructor, InfoSec InstituteCommentary
Earning a Cisco certification can boost your IT career, but requires careful planning and training. Here are five tips to help guide your certification strategy.
By Akinsulire Adebisi Instructor, InfoSec Institute,
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Cisco Rolls Out New Collaboration Tools
Lee Badman, Network Engineer & Wireless Technical LeadCommentary
With a Jabber Guest, Intelligent Proximity and a new teleconferencing endpoint, Cisco aims to meet diverse corporate needs.
By Lee Badman Network Engineer & Wireless Technical Lead,
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