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Welcome To The New Network Computing
Network Computing, CommentaryVideo
Find out why Network Computing is the place where IT infrastructure professionals gather to interact, share, and connect with their peers.
By Network Computing ,
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Microsoft Lync: 10 Ways To Do More
Kristin Burnham, Senior Editor, InformationWeek.comNews
Lync does much more than instant messaging. Check out these tips and tricks for getting the most from this communication and collaboration tool.
By Kristin Burnham Senior Editor, InformationWeek.com,
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Why Does Customer Service Suck?
Jon Arnold, Principal, J Arnold & AssociatesCommentary
Businesses need to get on the ball with implementing unified communications systems that can break down silos and improve their sinking customer satisfaction ratings.
By Jon Arnold Principal, J Arnold & Associates,
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Interop: Find The Fun
Susan Fogarty, Commentary
Attending a technology conference can be hard work, but Interop is making fun an integral part of the agenda.
By Susan Fogarty ,
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3 Survival Tips For Women In IT
Michele Chubirka, Security Professional; Host, Commentary
The technology industry -- especially the networking field -- can be an awfully isolating place for a woman. I offer three ways to cope.
By Michele Chubirka Security Professional; Host, "Healthy Paranoia" Podcast,
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Greatest Moments In Interop History
Marcia Savage, Managing Editor, Network ComputingNews
The Interop conference is a tradition for IT professionals. We look back on its dramatic growth and how it's changed.
By Marcia Savage Managing Editor, Network Computing,
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Cloud Services And The Hidden Cost Of Downtime
Frank Ohlhorst, Commentary
IT managers must factor in potentially crippling cloud outages when calculating the true cost of a cloud service.
By Frank Ohlhorst ,
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Cisco Puts WebEx On Chromebooks
Alison Diana, Senior EditorNews
Cisco revamps its videoconferencing lineup with a Google partnership, new products, and lower prices, the company announces at the Enterprise Connect conference.
By Alison Diana Senior Editor,
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Why Client-Side Encryption Is Critical For Cloud Privacy
Rick Harvey, CTO, LockboxCommentary
The only way to ensure privacy in the cloud era is to shift to a model in which the cloud customer controls encryption keys, not the cloud provider.
By Rick Harvey CTO, Lockbox,
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Discover Your Inner UC
Erika Van Noort, Director Consulting, North America, SoftchoiceCommentary
The tools for unified communications already exist in many companies, waiting to be unearthed and put to good use by enterprising IT leaders.
By Erika Van Noort Director Consulting, North America, Softchoice,
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Managing Real-Time Applications On The Network
Tony Kontzer, News
A policy-driven approach is key to making sure video and audio traffic doesn't clog up your network and affect performance of mission-critical apps.
By Tony Kontzer ,
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Communications Disrupting Your Network? Get a Grip at Enterprise Connect
Marty Parker, Commentary
The advent of real-time communications, especially combined with mobile devices and the cloud, can take a toll on your network performance. Learn how to manage it all at the Enterprise Connect conference.
By Marty Parker ,
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SDN-Enabling The WLAN
Ajay Malik, Senior Vice President of Engineering, Meru NetworksCommentary
Wireless networks must truly embrace open standards for enterprises to reap the performance benefits of software-defined networking.
By Ajay Malik Senior Vice President of Engineering, Meru Networks,
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All You Need Is Lync
Jon Arnold, Principal, J Arnold & AssociatesCommentary
Microsoft applications pervade the business environment, while traditional telephones fade away. Perhaps that makes Lync the de facto communication standard.
By Jon Arnold Principal, J Arnold & Associates,
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Telecommuting: The Hazards Of Mobile Access
John Klossner, CartoonistCommentary
Cloud computing and mobile access mean employees can work from anywhere today. But do they really want to?
By John Klossner Cartoonist,
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Microsoft Brings Lync, Skype Closer Together
Michael Endler, Associate Editor, InformationWeek.comNews
Microsoft adds video chat integration to Lync and Skype, touts emerging era of universal communications.
By Michael Endler Associate Editor, InformationWeek.com,
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7 Reasons To Head For Vegas: IT's Secret Weapons
Susan Fogarty, Commentary
We've selected seven Interop presenters that will make it worth a trip to Vegas. You'll be so absorbed in tech, you won't even notice the glitter.
By Susan Fogarty ,
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Behind The Scenes Building The InteropNet
Network Computing, News
Network engineers are busy preparing the network infrastructure for the multi-vendor InteropNet that will support the upcoming Interop conference. Preview the action in our video.
By Network Computing ,
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Are You Soft Enough For IT?
Mark Melvin, Chief Technology Officer, ePlus TechnologyCommentary
IT pros must keep current with technology. But, perhaps more importantly, they need flexibility and adaptability to succeed in an industry faced with constant change.
By Mark Melvin Chief Technology Officer, ePlus Technology,
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Free Software: A Privilege, Not A Right
Howard Marks, Network Computing BloggerCommentary
Free online services can be great, but companies that operate on the freemium model aren't obligated to keep offering free software.
By Howard Marks Network Computing Blogger,
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Microsoft Lync: 10 Ways To Do More
Kristin Burnham, Senior Editor, InformationWeek.com,  4/17/2014
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Updating your Infrastructure think UC
Letís face it, when unified communications deployments stall, itís often not that employees donít want UC. Itís because IT doesnít trust the network to support it, and thereís no budget to make fixes. So what now?
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