20 Computer Science Degrees: The Most Bang For The Buck
Using Carrier WiFi To Offload IoT Networks
IoT Makes You Administrator Of Things
6 Critical Data Center Concepts
Software-Defined WAN: A Primer
Expert Analysis
Expanding IT Roles For Business Growth
Azmi Jafarey, Network Computing AuthorCommentary
The business expects more from IT than back-end support. Today's IT teams are expected to help drive business. Here's how to do it.
By Azmi Jafarey Network Computing Author,
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Live From Las Vegas, It's Interop Radio!
Curtis Franklin Jr., Executive Editor, Technical ContentCommentary
Seven days. Eleven shows. Interop Radio is bringing you the very best from Interop 2015, starting Friday, April 24.
By Curtis Franklin Jr. Executive Editor, Technical Content,
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IPv6: How To Get Started
Jeff Carrell, Consultant, Network ConversionsCommentary
You can't just 'turn on' IPv6. Successful IPv6 deployment requires taking time to learn about the Internet protocol, work with it in a lab, and thorough testing.
By Jeff Carrell Consultant, Network Conversions,
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Fibre Channel Really Is Dead
Kevin Deierling, Vice President, MellanoxCommentary
Ethernet has overcome the problems that prevented converged compute and storage networks, speeding the demise of Fibre Channel.
By Kevin Deierling Vice President, Mellanox,
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Box Looks Beyond Storage
Thomas Claburn, Editor at Large, Enterprise MobilityCommentary
At its second annual developer conference, Box rearranged its platform to entice enterprise developers.
By Thomas Claburn Editor at Large, Enterprise Mobility,
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Optimizing Network Performance For The Cloud
Cahit Akin, CEO & Co-founder, Mushroom NetworksCommentary
Here are some strategies for avoiding network bottlenecks with the increased use of cloud services.
By Cahit Akin CEO & Co-founder, Mushroom Networks,
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IT Certifications Guaranteed To Boost Your Career
Network Computing Editors, Education
Certifications can help advance your IT career and get you a raise. These certifications in specialties like cloud, virtualization, and systems engineering from AWS, Cisco, VMware, Microsoft and others are among the highest in demand.
By Network Computing Editors ,
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Ethernet Roadmap: A Raft Of New Speeds
Jim O'Reilly, ConsultantCommentary
The Ethernet Alliance's new roadmap charts out an ambitious path for the networking technology to meet increasing data center demands.
By Jim O'Reilly Consultant,
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Evaluating Cloud UC Costs
Network Computing Editors, Commentary
Cost savings may not occur with cloud UC, but there are other hidden benefits, research shows.
By Robin Gareiss, Executive VP/Senior Founding Partner of Nemertes Research ,
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Meet The IT Rock Stars
Susan Fogarty, Editor in ChiefCommentary
Say hello to the brightest and friendliest Interop speakers, either in person or online.
By Susan Fogarty Editor in Chief,
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Big IT Means Bigger Performance Challenges
Vess Bakalov, CTO & Co-Founder, SevOneCommentary
The size and complexity of today's IT infrastructures demands new ways of monitoring and identifying problems.
By Vess Bakalov CTO & Co-Founder, SevOne,
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Windows 10: Your PC Is Headed For The Cloud
Andrew Froehlich, President & Lead Network Architect, West Gate Networks
Windows 10 could well be the trigger that will drive the growth of cloud-based virtual desktop integration. Here's why.
By Andrew Froehlich President & Lead Network Architect, West Gate Networks,
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Docker 1.6 Emerges As A Platform
Charles Babcock, Editor at Large, CloudCommentary
Several components of Docker, including Engine, Registry, and orchestration tools, have been upgraded together as a platform.
By Charles Babcock Editor at Large, Cloud,
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3D NAND Goes Mainstream
Howard Marks, Network Computing BloggerCommentary
Joint flash memory ventures Intel-Micron and Toshiba-SanDisk are overcoming the limitations of conventional planar flash memory by going 3D.
By Howard Marks Network Computing Blogger,
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Peeling Back the Layers of Wiring Infrastructure
Network Computing Editors, Commentary
Cleaning up communications infrastructure may not be on your list of most exciting projects, but best practices dictate that you not ignore the chore, either.
By Matt Brunk, Healthcare Director of IT ,
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4 Backup Landmines Waiting For The Unwary
Ratmir Timashev, President and CEO, Veeam SoftwareCommentary
Veeam CEO Ratmir Timashev warns about the pitfalls hidden in the process of conducting regular data backups.
By Ratmir Timashev President and CEO, Veeam Software,
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The Internet Of Things & IP Address Needs
Azmi Jafarey, Network Computing AuthorCommentary
With IPv6, there's no need to fear that there won't be enough IP addresses for IoT. The real question is whether every 'thing' needs its own IP address.
By Azmi Jafarey Network Computing Author,
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The Most Important IT Conference: A Technologist's View
Tom Hollingsworth, Commentary
In an industry inundated with events focused on a single vendor or technology, Interop stands out for its independence, breadth, and stellar speakers.
By Tom Hollingsworth ,
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Understanding OpenFlow, VXLAN and Cisco's ACI
Dan Pitt, Commentary
Three different approaches dominate today's software-defined networking market. Dan Pitt of the ONF explains the difference between them.
By Dan Pitt ,
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Staying Ahead Of The Data Deluge
Alex Patent, VP, Global Infrastructure Architecture Leader, NielsenCommentary
Data is core to Nielsen's business. Here's how the company is transforming its IT environment to tackle the data explosion.
By Alex Patent VP, Global Infrastructure Architecture Leader, Nielsen,
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