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Get to Know Mike Twumasi and Why You Should be Ready for DDI

(Credit: le Moal Olivier / Alamy Stock Photo)

With a wealth of experience, Mike has developed future state technology blueprints, transition plans, and roadmaps, showcasing his strategic vision and foresight. His collaborative approach extends to running customer network transformation workshops, contributing technically to proposals, and establishing positive business outcomes through strategic alignments with internal and external stakeholders.

“My certifications are like my tech badges, right? Proving that I’m not just winging it, and when I’m not drowning in tech stuff, I like to share my two cents with the industry. You might catch me scribbling on SD-WAN, enterprise mobility, IT security, or hyperconverged infrastructure in some articles somewhere.”

Currently, at UpTime365, Mike is a partner MSP where he is responsible for performing Merger and Acquisition tactical and strategic IT/IS integrations, providing Enterprise Architecture solutions, and delivering hands-on expertise in various technologies such as SD-WAN, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity.

The demands required of the modern network have continued to change the way that infrastructure and architecture interact. The volume of traffic traveling over endless amounts of IP-based networks is rising daily, which creates new opportunities and challenges across IT. So, why DDI? When implemented properly as a building block, it serves as the foundation of vital network services that facilitate all communications over an IP-based network.

“Imagine a world where your DNS, DHCP, and IP address services are similar, integrated, and orchestrated. DDI simplifies and streamlines the critical aspects of network management. I like to call them the three amigos because they’re the backbone of communication in any network.”

Next on the list: Mike was our featured keynote speaker during our live ‘Why DDI? How to Integrate DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management in Your Network’ webinar. The event launched on Wednesday, January 31, presented by Network Computing and sponsored by InfoBlox. He provided us with some clarity in a video interview:

How can these core concepts of DNS, DHCP, and IP address services be combined into one platform solution that can transform network management?

“Magic happens when you bring these core concepts together into one unified platform. DNS translates human-readable domain names into IP addresses, while DHCP dynamically allocates IP addresses. IP address management ensures smooth communication across your network. No more juggling between different systems and tools because DDI allows for automation of routine tasks. It's like having a networking symphony, and that is what DDI is all about.

Watch the archived “Why DDI?” live webinar on-demand today.