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What the Heck is a 'Mobile Companion' Anyway

Network Computing's technology editors love shiny new gadgets. The Foleo -- Palm's new "mobile companion" created instant discussion among their ranks on the system's usability, use cases -- and future. Follow their debate and then let us know what you...

Now, for the cons:

Frank raises a good point about security. I'm a strong proponent of mobile device management and as an IT admin I don't want these things floating around my enterprise after I spent a considerable amount of time and money to start managing my handhelds. The device is Linux-based, so maybe Novell's new Zenworks for Linux would be able to do some basic management. Otherwise, I would hope the MDM vendors get a client out for this sooner rather than later.

Also, in the analysis I did before, the Foleo doesn't run native versions of office. It runs Documents to Go. Now, Documents to Go does a credible job of translating basic Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint files. However we've all seen marketing decks that fall apart when you open them in competing "Office-capable" products. I used Open Office for awhile but after one Powerpoint after another crapped out on me, I decided to switch back to Office 2003 (I don't have 2007, yet another thing ot add to my wishlist from Microsoft).

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