Top 11 Rejected Apple 'iProducts'

They've given us the iMac, the iPod and now the iPhone. But will Apple stop just there? Our intrepid readers chime in with their visions of never-before-seen Apple iProducts

February 9, 2007

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iSuck -- the latest in automated infant formula feeding. Just plug into your computer and it automatically knows when to start feeding (Diaper Changing Feature Costs Extra).

iCry -- automatic tissue dispenser that shoots you a kleenix when you're listening to a sad song on your iPod.

iSleep -- iPod case that inflates into a comfy pillow

iHogz -- For the Hell's Angel in you. Motorcycle Helmet has built in slot for iPod.

iHogz HelmetiMatey -- A scurvy network scanning device that detects and removes pirated software. Arrrr!

iKu -- application that automatically generates fluffy, annoying poetry that no one really understands.

iStein -- 100% ceramic beer mug complete with USB 2.0 port. Helps determine if your frothy beverage tastes great or is less filling.


American iDol -- lets you sing karaoke while being judged by a snob, a ditz and that "Yo Dawg" guy.iRony -- new product actually forces you to have face-to-face conversations with real live people (shudder).

iLost -- Application attempts to determine just what the heck is really going on with that island anyway.

iQ -- port installed directly into your skull, alllowing you to download iTunes directly into your brain (not responsible for loss of motor functions or forgetting what a fork is)

iOpener -- for those long nights in the server room waiting for the critical restore of the CEO's son's exchange mailbox (Vice-President my %*@&*$! He can't even spell!)

Thanks to Gino Coronel, Bill McMillin, Jason Bailey, Brent Foster, Geoff Schardein, Bill Hellar, Craig Martindale, Thomas Flynn, Stan Good for all their ideas.

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