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Xirrus Delivers Superior Performance Using 75 Percent Fewer Devices Compared To Leading Wi-Fi Competitor

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif.(BUSINESS WIRE) Xirrus, the only Wi-Fi Power Play in the industry, today announced that its XN series of Wi-Fi Arrays provided superior performance compared with Cisco's latest Wi-Fi solution based on tests conducted in association with The Tolly Group, a provider of third party validation of IT products and services. Among the results were demonstrated advantages in user density, data capacity, voice capacity, roaming, and coverage. The results were accomplished using 75 percent fewer devices in the Xirrus solution compared with Cisco.

Xirrus commissioned The Tolly Group to conduct a series of tests comparing the Xirrus XN8 and XN4 Wi-Fi Arrays with Cisco's 3502e thin AP plus 5508 controller solution. A comprehensive set of performance and functional tests were conducted on the two solutions in an office environment. A single XN8, supporting eight radios (integrated APs) was compared to four Cisco 3502 APs, also supporting eight radios to provide an equal radio count comparison. A single XN4, supporting four radios, was compared to 1 Cisco 3502 AP to provide an equal device count comparison. In all cases, the Cisco APs were connected to a Cisco 5508 controller.

"With the proliferation of Wi-Fi client devices and the subsequent need to deploy wireless infrastructure to handle increased user density, capacity, and flash traffic, performance is a primary concern in the design and roll out of a new enterprise wireless network. This was the focus of the testing we conducted for Xirrus which demonstrated 1 Wi-Fi Array clearly outperforming four APs and a controller from the leading Wi-Fi vendor," said Kevin Tolly, Founder of The Tolly Group. "The fact one device accomplished more than 4 devices from the competition is a testament to the benefits of the integrated and distributed architecture of the Xirrus solution."

The full XN8 and XN4 test reports from The Tolly Group can be viewed on the Xirrus web site at and on The Tolly Group's site at and respectively.