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The Week of the iPhone

It was a whirlwind, roller-coaster week for cell phone users, gadget buffs and curious onlookers as Apple's CEO Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPhone. With its futuristic, flat screen panel and promises of music playing, phone service and internet connectivity, the iPhone was the talk of CES. But as the week passed, there was a bevy of interesting developments including concerns about the iPhone's performance and (gasp) a possible lawsuit by Cisco over the product name.

Here's a recap of some of those news stories. No doubt there will be plenty more in the weeks ahead.

Apple Reinvents The Phone Apple's CEO Steve Jobs introduces the iPhone, which he says is an iPod, a mobile phone, and an Internet communication device.

iPhone is Beautiful, But it's Also Slow
Cingular is working on technologies to speed up its network, but no significant breakthroughs are expected in time for the formal delivery of the iPhone in June.

Cisco Sues Apple Over iPhone Name Cisco, which recently introduced its own Wi-Fi phone with the iPhone brand, says it's owned the trademark since 2000.

Apple Unlikely To Go To Court In iPhone Trademark Dispute, Experts Say

By going to court, Apple would have to spend a lot of money defending what appears to be a weak position, lawyers argue.

NWC Editor Art Wittmann's Initial Take on the iPhone