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Voice: The Killer App For WLANs

Wireless LANs have been proliferating in the last few years, but many enterprises remain unable to justify installing wireless technology broadly. But voice-over-wireless LAN (VoWLAN) is starting to look like the killer app that will change that.

VoWLAN systems offer a single infrastructure for supporting mobile telephone and data traffic within a facility. That enables companies to realize substantial ROI through lower initial hardware costs and long-term operational support expenses.

Put differently, the benefits of VoWLAN are fairly easy to quantify, which will make WLAN deployment more palatable to accounting folks. Even if a company isn't implementing VoWLAN solutions today, many are deploying wireless LANs with requirements to support VoWLAN in the future.

VoWLAN Architecture

VoWLAN is an extension of voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology. Many companies make use of VoIP in order to have a common network infrastructure for internal telephone and data traffic. VoWLAN completes the picture by adding wireless telephony.

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