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Vocera Extends Reach With Wireless Partnerships

Vocera Communications announced deals this week with device and application providers to increase the reach of its enterprise wireless system.

Vocera is taking the necessary next steps to expand its voice-driven communications system. On the device side, it has take a careful and measured choice by providing a soft client that runs on the Motorola MC-70 (available through the Symbol acquisition). Vocera understands that most PDAs, ruggedized or otherwise, are generally ill-equipped to handle the acoustic challenges, such as clarity and echo-cancellation, that is required. On the reach side, this new relationship with Sprint to support PTT (through the Nextel/iDEN platform) is a smart way to extend coverage beyond the office and campus. Vocera must closely monitor the end-user experience when using these alternative devices to preserve their unique value proposition, and once integration work is done with Sprint, maintain the momentum and form relationships with other wireless carriers.
Frank Bulk
NWC Contributing Editor, Mobility

The announcements, which took place at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society conference in New Orleans, had a health-care focus. But the new partnerships and capabilities would benefit any enterprise.

A partnership with Sprint/Nextel lets Vocera's wireless voice capabilities extend from the enterprise wireless LAN to the wide area over Sprint's mobile broadband services. Users traveling outside the WLAN can remain connected to the Vocera system through Sprint and Nextel phones.

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