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Veterans Have Job Choices In Civilian Workforce

Making the move from military IT to the public sector can be a daunting career decision, and the key is making sure you communicate your skillset in a clear way.

Are you leaving your military IT role to return to civilian life and embarking on a job search? If so, you need to know that the transition into a non-military work environment can be daunting.

As a former military person, you are no ordinary job hunter. You are a transitioning veteran and have experience not often seen on other resumes. The good news is that you're going to be a welcome addition to both the public and private IT workforce. With your unique background, skills and knowledge gained during military service, you possess technical expertise most people don't have.

The bad news is that you likely have to do some work on your resume as military job descriptions and lingo are typically not familiar terms to recruiters or hiring managers.

The first step to translating your experience into a civilian resume is to understand your talents, skills and abilities and how those attributes relate to business and industry.

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