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Vendor Building U.K. WiMAX Network

A British startup said Wednesday that it has started building a wireless broadband network in the U.K. based on pre-standard WiMAX equipment.

Telabria, which was founded last year, said that trials of the service will begin in January and that it expected to launch the service commercially by the middle of the year, the company said in a statement. The service will be available southeast part of England -- specifically in the county of Kent -- and is aimed at consumers and businesses.

"We believe that in the UK market WiMAX-based services can compete head-on with fixed-line residential and SOHO contended broadband such as ADSL," Jim Baker, the company's CEO, said in a statement.

In addition to offering the service to businesses and home users, the company said it also would be used for backhaul from its series of Wi-Fi hotspots. To keep costs down on of customer premise equipment (CPE) used by subscribers, the company said it was using Wi-Fi/WiMAX hybrid equipment by SkyPilot Networks.

The company offered no specific pricing information.