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TIBCO's BusinessEvents Software Plays by the Rules

TIBCO Software launched a new edition of its CEP (complex event processing) software this week that the vendor said will help IT administrators extract pattern information from events to better prioritize their response to incidents.

The complex event processing (CEP) market is growing rapidly, with specialist vendors Aptsoft and Coral8 seeing wider adoption of their products. SOA vendors BEA Systems, Progress Software (through Apama) and Software AG (through WebMethods) also have entered the arena. However, TIBCO pitches the product as the next step for enterprises that have achieved agility through alignment of business and IT, which should be a warning to the rest of us. Although CEP is not necessarily dependent on SOA, its promise of automating real-time business decisions (the classic example is stock trading) requires an extreme level of confidence in IT infrastructure.
Andy Dornan
NWC Technology Editor

BusinessEvents 2.0, which gathers, filters and corroborates event data from across the enterprise, relies on a business-rules engine that incorporates a new rules-analysis function, which the vendor said will increase an administrator's knowledge of dependencies to more accurately assess the potential business impact of an event.

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