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Ten Top Tips For Mobile Security

I never, ever leave my credit card out where people can easily take it. So why would I leave my data unprotected?

Unfortunately, many people do just that every time they use their mobile devices. The rapidly growing base of mobile users is drawing the attention of hackers, who use a variety of schemes to get at your data and personal information.

We all need to wise up and take measures to safeguard our mobile data. Let's take a look at how to be secure in some common situations that you'll likely encounter when you're on the road.

1.  In a hotel room that offers both a Wi-Fi and an Ethernet connection, which should I choose?

Because Ethernet is a wired connection, it's natively more secure than Wi-Fi. Data goes from your laptop via an Ethernet cable to a hub located in the hotel room and then on to the Internet service provider (ISP) via a cable. A hacker needs to attach directly to the Ethernet system to have any possibility of compromising your data, which means that he or she must have physical access to the facility. A hacker equipped with an Ethernet sniffer could connect to the system from another hotel room and monitor your data traffic, depending on the configuration of the system.

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