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Symantec Unveils Symbian Anti-Virus, Firewall Software

Security vendor Symantec Monday rolled out an integrated anti-virus and firewall program for smartphones based on the Symbian platform.

A number of viruses have been circulating that target the Symbian platform, which is widely used in Europe from vendors such as Nokia. However, those viruses have been, so far, proof-of-concept threats and haven't yet been found among mainstream users, according to security experts.

Symantec said in a statement that the product, Symantec Mobile Security 4.0 for Symbian, is one of a series of products aimed at specific mobile platforms.

"To ensure that individuals and businesses are protected in an increasingly wireless environment, Symantec is delivering targeted solutions to address the emerging virus and security threats brought by pervasive mobile communications," Sarah Hicks, Symantec's vice president, strategic opportunities, said in a statement.

Aimed at enterprises, the security policies can be sent to devices over-the-air, Symantec said. It is available only as a two-year subscription for $44.95, the company said.