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Sling Software Tunes Mobile Devices Into TVs

Sling Media Inc. has turned mobile phones and portable computers into televisions with software released Thursday, the company said.

Features made possible by SlingPlayer Mobile software give Slingbox owners the ability to watch and control their home TV from any network-enabled mobile phone or handheld computer running Windows Mobile, the vendor said.

The software, written in C++, gives users access to local TV from anywhere in the world, the vendor said. "You can get your hometown local news channels while you're on vacation in a country where you don't understand the language," said Roger Entner, vice president of wireless telecoms at research firm Ovum.

Here's how the company says it works: The SlingPlayer Mobile software installed on the computer or the mobile phone picks up the signal from the Slingbox installed in the home connects to a cable box and broadband connection. It transmits the signal from the broadband connection over the Internet to the portable device located anywhere in the world.

Sensitive to digital rights management (DRM) concerns and rebroadcast rights for streaming TV content, the SlingPlayer Mobile software will not transmit the signal to multiple remote devices simultaneously. Consumers also can only receive media content they would normally see in their home.

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