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Siemens Delivers First SOA-Based Telephony Apps

Siemens is the first major IP PBX player to base its product on SOA, making the announcement important for service-oriented telephony. However, the true value of SOA in general, and of Siemens' claimed open approach in particular, is that it should ease integration of disparate applications, including those from partners, third-party vendors and in-house enterprise developers. The long-term success of Siemens'
approach depends more on this than the features of the HiPath product line itself, so the involvement of SAP and Lotus Sametime is encouraging. The potential for integrating instant messaging applications and CRM databases with a telephony, presence or location server is fairly obvious, but the benefits of wider SOA-based telephony are less clear.
Andy Dornan
NWC Senior Technology Editor

Siemens Communications this week detailed a new service-oriented architecture and delivered its first two SOA-based apps leveraging its SIP-based softswitch.

SOA is all the rage in the applications and development world--but it holds great promise for the creation of more flexible telephony-based applications as well. Siemens calls its application architecture OpenSOA; its new apps--HiPath 8000 Assistant and HiPath 8000 Media Server--leverage that foundation to ease integration with other apps and increase portability across different servers and operating systems, Siemens said.

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