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Securing a Wireless Network -- Part 4

Here are Part I, Part II, and Part III

Enabling WEP Encryption on the Wireless NIC
There are a couple different ways to manage the wireless connection in each of your computers. Windows XP offers a built-in function for wireless NIC management. With computes with older versions of Windows (2000, 98SE, and so on) most likely you need to use a wireless management program that comes with the NIC.

The sections that follow show two examples: a Windows 98 desktop computer with a USB-connected wireless card that we set up with the Linksys WLAN utility and a Windows XP laptop that we set up using the XP built-in wireless NIC management function.

Enabling WEP Encryption Using he Linksys Utility
First, let's walk through an example of setting up WEP encryption on a computer running Windows 98SE, using a USB wireless NIC and the Linksys WLAN utility:

Step 1: Launch the Linksys WLAN Monitor by double-clicking the icon on the far right of your Windows taskbar (the example shows a computer running Windows 98/Me/2000.

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