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Samsung Demos New Tech For Wireless Connectivity

SEOUL, South Korea — Samsung Electronics said it has demonstrated new wireless technologies for mobile phone connectivity, including ad hoc routing and ultrawideband (UWB). The techologies will support wireless connections among phones and between phones and set-top boxes.

Samsung said Wednesday (March 15) it demonstrated mobile phones using the wireless technologies at the CeBIT show in Hanover, Germany.

The UWB phones are being touted as allowing users to transfer large multimedia files such as movies and photos to another mobile phone without using GSM networks. Video clips can be quickly downloaded and be displayed on the phone. Users can also transfer video to a set top and display them on a TV.

The UWB technology also allows users to send DVD films to a set top equipped with an embedded miniPCI card, Samsung said.

Samsung also demonstrated ad hoc network routing technology using mobile phones. The technology enables users to chat, share video files, music and play multiplayer-games without using a GSM network or access points like wireless hot spots.