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Ruckus Wireless Takes Guess Work Out Of Wireless LAN Design With The Introduction of ZonePlanner

SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 26. Ruckus Wireless, the smart mobile networking company, announced today that it has joined forces with AirMagnet, now part of Fluke Networks, to introduce ZonePlanner, a wireless LAN (WLAN) network planning tool designed specifically for use with Ruckus ZoneFlex Smart Wi-Fi access points (APs).

ZonePlanner combines technology advancements from AirMagnet and Ruckus Wireless and integrates directional high-gain antenna patterns derived from BeamFlex, the Ruckus-patented and award-winning smart antenna array, with AirMagnet's industry leading planning tools. With ZonePlanner, network managers can more easily and accurately plan, design, deploy and manage Ruckus Smart WLAN networks in any indoor environment.

Unlike other Wi-Fi APs on the market that use omni-directional dipole antennas to blindly radiate Wi-Fi energy in all directions, each Ruckus ZoneFlex AP integrates a high-gain directional smart antenna array that constantly focuses and directs Wi-Fi energy over the best performing signal paths to increase throughput and channel capacity while also significantly improving reliability and range.

"The combination of Ruckus ZoneFlex APs with the new ZonePlanner effectively takes all the guess work out of accurately designing and deploying a wireless LAN," said Brian Young, president of inVision Networks, a leading network solutions provider. "The planning process with Ruckus APs is already simple because not only do we need far fewer APs to cover a given area with their smart antenna array, the APs automatically adjust Wi-Fi signals to real-time changes in the environment," said Young. "Combining this technology with a low-cost, custom planning tool radically reduces the upfront time it normally takes to plan a wireless network and this detailed level of planning really streamlines deployment and network support with complete reports, bills of material, and accurate placement."

Great Wi-Fi Networks Start with a Great Design

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