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RollOut: Ekahau's Site Survey 2.2

The Upshot

Ekahau promises users of its Site Survey 2.2 will deploy higher-quality, error-free networks in half the time.

Effective RF site surveys are fundamental to quality WLAN design. The surveying tool market has heated up over the past couple of years, and today's wireless admins have several impressive options, though some abilities, such as 3-D modeling, are still missing. ce e-mail and collaboration. Improvements in the Web version of Outlook and the addition of unified messaging features will create convenient user access.

Half of what time? Despite the claim's vagueness, Site Survey makes surveys more accurate and efficient with both live survey and predictive modeling abilities. We drew large maps in substantially less time compared with earlier versions. The product's depiction of obstacles, such as walls and their attenuation values--a feature that's missing from many surveying programs--helps create a realistic model of the planned WLAN environment.

Ekahau's Site Survey 2.2

Good wireless networks don't just happen. Proper access point placement and knowledge of the spaces to be covered are critical, and freebie tools are rarely good enough for enterprise planning. In contrast, Ekahau's Site Survey 2.2 provides an effective suite of surveying and planning tools that demystifies the deployment and support of Wi-Fi networks.

The latest Site Survey scales better than previous versions, supporting significantly larger planning maps with AP plotting and simulated displays that are much faster on the draw. The same map with dozens of APs opens several seconds faster for 2.2 than it did in earlier versions. The product now supports several new wireless adapters, reflecting the ever-growing crop of cards available. And special attention has been given to optimizing scan speeds in the many eligible Atheros-based NICs likely to be used with the product.

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