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Rollout: CP Secure's Content Security Gateway 2500

The Upshot

CP Secure's CSG 2500 gateway appliance can block viruses, spyware and spam at a rate of 480 Mbps. Unlike proxy-based solutions, it's a transparent bridge. CP Secure's patent-pending stream-scanning technology vastly reduces latency.

Desktop antivirus, anti-spyware and antispam solutions help combat the onslaught of malware, but require maintenance and are subject to the user's twiddling. A layered security model can keep malware off the network altogether, but must do so without significantly slowing the flow of data.

The CSG 2500 deals with malware before it gets to the desktop. Compared with competing products from Barracuda Networks, Trend Micro and others, it's easy to install, transparent to users and adds minimal latency. The per-appliance pricing without per-user charges will be appealing to some organizations.

CP Secure's CSG 2500 gateway appliance

Some users just won't practice safe computing. Every downloaded smiley face screensaver and peer-to-peer sharing program can carry malware that breaches security and steals CPU cycles. Desktop anti-spyware and antivirus solutions require constant maintenance and are notoriously easy to bypass. Antispam gateways can help, but malware sneaks in from Hotmail accounts and other Web sites.

Adding a malware gateway can stop these invaders at the network's edge. CP Secure's Content Security Gateway CSG 2500 sits at your Internet entrance and scans HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, POP and IMAP traffic. The device employs dual scan engines--its own and, for the first time, Kaspersky Lab's Anti-Virus scanner.

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