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Review: Enterprise Key Management Software


Data security companies are having a field day with lurid tales of credit-card numbers and personal information being stolen, and as a result the data-backup industry has wholeheartedly embraced tape encryption to mitigate data loss during transit. Quite simply, if you use an off-site service for tape storage, there's really no excuse not to encrypt your backups to protect data when it's out of your hands.

For many companies this may be sufficient, but for heavily regulated industries, such as finance and health care, even those in retail who process credit-card transactions, the need for secure data transactions could spill over into encryption of databases, WAN communications, even whole-disk systems.

Analysis: Enterprise Key Management

If you don't manage encryption--and the keys that it generates--wisely, data will eventually be lost or compromised. We discuss how to keep keys manageable and safe now, and discuss what to look for in an enterprise key management system.

Our point here is not to drive the paranoia level up a notch, but to highlight that--depending on your business--encryption will likely be required for more and more of your company's data. With that comes an increasing need to manage numerous encryption keys securely.

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